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"Hoping to unite different flows creating an enveloping sound that goes straight to the heart..."


Animor Music,

born in Lugano (Switzerland),

was founded by Romina Kalsi in 2018.

Former front woman and songwriter of  Rocky Wood.


Romina and Tobias Granbacka

(from Kronoby FN, swedish mother tongue), met in Austria beginning 2018. Then also Daniel Fagerudd (Finland) good old friend of Tobias joined the year after.


An adventurous collaboration between Stockholm, Finland and Lugano till this day. Releasing “Somebody Loves You”, “Wild Dog”, “Together” and “Achilles’ heel".


Coming from far away, an album is on it's way.

Our live gigs are performed normally in quintet with our drummer Nelide Bandello (Verona IT) bass - Eveline Lucchini (CH) 

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