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Animor Music, originating from Lugano, Switzerland, came into existence in 2018, founded by Romina Kalsi. The band saw the collaboration of Romina and Tobias Granbacka, a Swedish native from Kronoby. Subsequently, Daniel Fagerudd, a long-time friend of Tobias, joined the group the following year. What began as a chance encounter in Austria has blossomed into a creative amalgamation spanning across Stockholm, Finland, and Lugano.



1. "Somebody Loves You"

2. "Wild Dog"

3. "Together"

4. "Achilles' Heel"


**Upcoming Release:**

"Feather", the latest single by Animor Music, is scheduled for release on April 29. 


**Band Members:**

- Romina Kalsi

- Tobias Granbacka

- Daniel Fagerudd

- Nelide Bandello (Drummer, Verona, Italy)

- Eveline Lucchini (Bassist, Switzerland)


**Live Performances:**

Animor Music typically performs as a quintet during live gigs.

Feather.. New single out April 29th 2024. 

The song captures the essence of shedding past burdens, embracing change, and moving forward with newfound freedom. 

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Upcoming Live Performances

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